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The scams of these funny matrimonial agencies N ° 1!


A "marital" agency without scruple!

Several years have passed since the bankruptcy, we rarely hear about the former marriage agency Eurochalenges. When his little sister "vietnamrencontres" untouchable in his country Vietnam, it continues in slander and outrage to better distract attention from his actions.
Vietnamrencontres the former acolytes of the agency Eurochalenges always use the naiveté of some men by suggesting that they will pay only after meeting the soul mate. But beware the Vu Dinh family! Behind their eternal smile Hien Vu Dinh, the father Thu Vu Dinh and the brother Son Vu Dinh, all three co-managers of, remain more perverse than his French ex-sister who was a child of heart!

The scams of this funny marriage agency ...

Based in Vietnam, Hien Vu Dinh goes through Canada (Montreal and Quebec City) to whitewash the agency Vietnamrencontres.
After 9000 km, the nightmare begins for the unfortunate candidates for marriage. For Vietnam, the most important thing is to attract their prey to Vietnam, where French law no longer has any effect.
This agency is even more pernicious, than their former associate agency, swindled by profession using intimidation and violence against Vietnamese women to achieve its ends.

Behind a very Asian smile, Vietnam Rencontres proves more dangerous than the very famous crooks of Ivory Coast. Some clients have managed to bring down by judgment of the French Sister Eurochallenges, in the case of this pseudo matrimonial agency the exercise is more delicate. Indeed it is better not to complain in Vietnam not to be the subject of serious reprisals.
Only the French embassy in Hanoi can give you his feeling.

What about these defamatory videos posted online by vietnamrencontres to drown the fish?
The best defense is the attack, such as his illustrious colleague who has dropped small agencies serious by dragging them to trial.
Vietnamese executes defamation, accuses them of directing their gazes in other directions than theirs.

Fortunately for us, the impact is limited since these videos influence only a few men who rarely read anything other than titles. The French agency Eurochallenge would not have held as long!
Gentlemen who pay a little more attention to this jumble of comments quickly realize that they come from the same person and that they are all published from Vietnam.
It is obvious that if these calumnies were published from French territory by clearly identified authors we would have the courtesy to come and greet these characters in court.
Be serious ! Do not you find it surprising that a French man, who has lost as much money as these crooks claim, has not started a lawsuit? This is the first thing that would have come to the idea of ​​the first French come! Vietnamrencontres actually takes French for idiots, and to hear Hien Vu Dinh Canadians would be easier to fool ...
As far as I am concerned, I would sue a marital agency in court for a much smaller scam than the pretended scams denounced by vietnamrencontres.
Partner Services is in the 15th year of operation and we have never been summoned to court for any reason whatsoever.
I reassure our friends in Canada that we do not bring these charges to take places in the market because we do not accept Canadian membership profiles because we can not control them enough when we register. In addition there is already a serious French-Russian competitor agency in Canada. 

It seems to me simpler and more effective, to invite readers who are not convinced to take some information on agencies (Partner Services and Vietnamrencontres) from the Vice Consul of France in Hanoi and you will be particularly edified.
In addition, the most skeptical can still apply to the commercial court for information on a company.

Six years ago, the marriage agency Partner Services tried to collaborate, for a little over a year, with a Vietnamese meeting which at that time was known as the "Franco-Vietnamese Friendship Club".
It was in August 2012 that Serge, our first member for Asia, reported the fraud his wife Huong had suffered. 
It was after their marriage that Serge and Huong were claimed 6000 dollars by this strange agency, all carefully orchestrated by Hien Vu Dinh, his father Thu Vu Dinh and brother Son Vu Dinh, all three co-managers of VietnamRencontres. Real scam professionals who have nothing to envy to the grazers and scammers of Côte d'Ivoire.
It should be recalled that the agencies and Eurochallenges collaborated closely and that these two agencies proclaimed themselves N ° 1.
It was after these first problems with our customers that went to settle in Canada leaving the brother and the father to make the complaints in Vietnam. 
Shortly after two other clients have reported being extorted by these characters. 
For any defense Hien Vu Dinh of the agency Vietnamrencontres told us that it is impossible for agencies that do not "pay" the police and local authorities to carry out their activity in Vietnam. Marriage agencies are banned in the country, leaders risk jail.
Reading this message Huong hastened to denounce the authorities and say that the Vietnamese police would not do that. Yet the vietnamrencontres agency to well storefront with the blessing of the Vietnamese authorities!
On the Net an association accuses vietnamrencontres to sell Vietnamese women 6000 dollars in correlée. Hien Vu Dinh got wind of it, maybe to intimidate us, but we do not know for sure.
Today I emit a little more doubt than at that time. Indeed, the mayor's office (people's house) of the Hanoi region are the only ones to charge "taxes" under the mantle of 2500 € to celebrate the marriage of a French national. 

The first reaction of the marriage agency Partner Services was to report these actions to the Embassy of France in Hanoi and the Embassy of Vietnam in Paris.
In revenge, with the help of a few individuals most certainly bribed, the vietnamrencontre agency, supported by Eurochallenges, published slanderous videos (The two agencies had accounts to settle with us).
Their goal, like their ex-associated agency, to remove by all means the agencies that go on their field.
Why link the former marriage agency Eurochallenges to Vietnamrencontres?  
In 2011 Partner Services had strong exchanges by registered mail with Eurochallenges. Indeed we had published a whole web page accusing Eurochallenges of being the N ° 1 of the scam and plagiarism. While I expected retaliation from them, but evidence to support plagiarized pages have been removed from the site Eurochallenges and we have also removed our page.

For an informed eye it is obvious that the comments and testimonials inserted in the Vietnamese video are only a rough montage from the same person.
As for the gentlemen we have just quoted in these lines, who might feel offended, we invite them to go to court.

We have many documents showing crooked shots from these agencies, including contracts signed and violated by Vietnamrencontres. The pretexts invoked are simple, the family Vu Dinh are well managers agencies, but it is not the same society.
Nevertheless, it is impossible for us to present all the evidence that would take up too much space and become tiresome.

It seems useless to specify that Vietnamese women are not involved in the abuses of this organized gang.
The Vietnamese Asian woman is rather calm and submissive it is very often the Vietnamese woman who takes care of the painful work and the house while the men are gathered in front of a tea or a beer.
Dear Canadian friends be vigilant!

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